Sara Holden is a former TV journalist, turned environmental activist who until six months ago had never even tweeted and certainly did not imagine creating a blog, Facebook page, and Instagram

Geoff Nimmo is an Australian ex-army mechanic, who fixed tanks amongst other things and has never even owned a motorbike with an engine as small as Charlie’s

Charlie Charleston needs no introduction – he’s already got his own blog.

Chubby Coleman is our unexpected hitch-hiker. While camping in Australia, we indulged ourselves and bought a ten-man tent… yep, TEN. It’s good to be able to stand up when you put your pants on in the morning (apparently!). We were pretty proud that we downsized to a measly four-man tent this time around. A nice size and even with an awning for those sunny days – whenever they might turn up.

Except, unlike our flopsy ten-man affair which wrapped up into a large size yoga bag…. Chubby is more like having a chunky toddler on the back seat.