• Dancing with the fire-starters in Spain
  • Amsterdam perennials - bikes and tulips
  • Come join the parade
  • Flower power at the Guggenheim, Bilbao
  • Airstream Trailer Park, Manses
  • Curves and angles at the Guggenheim, Bilbao
  • Old Life Boat station, Tenby
  • Sunflowers in Croatia
  • Donkey duo, Spain
  • Say what you see species naming - a Superb Blue wren in Australia
  • The Night Watch, Amsterdam
  • Sunset over the Greek islands
  • Star Trails in Spain
  • Proud Tasmania
  • Budapest across the river

Recent Articles

  • Charlie

    Broken Charlie

    One minute we were laughing about our day in Pisa, the next moment a loud bang and lurch had Charlie’s back end virtually on the tarmac and us going nowhere. […]

  • Taking it easy

    Feeling Blue

    Our time in Morocco is coming to an end, so perhaps it is no surprise that we are feeling a little blue? Or could it just be our surroundings perhaps? […]

  • Getting ready to ride

    From Morocco to Spain and back, via Fes

      When is Morocco not Morocco? About the same time that the Mediterranean isn’t the Mediterranean. Confused? Don’t worry, all will be revealed, but first – bring on the horses. […]

  • The High Atlas sure is pretty!

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

    “There should be snow by the side of the road so it really feels like we have driven in the Atlas mountains” I said. Be careful what you wish for, Holden. […]

  • The shoeless salesman

    Marrakech medina – what a place!

      Need your senses to be dazzled, your snake charmed, hands tattooed, lunch pulled out of a pit in the floor or second-hand false teeth?  Then we’ve got it covered! […]

  • Gorgeous colours, shapes and angles in the Gorges du Dades

    The high road to Marrakech

      The road to Marrakech is worth a mention in its own right, for the sheer beauty, variety and breathtaking scale. It was a truly gorgeous and memorable mountain drive. […]


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