• Dancing with the fire-starters in Spain

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  • Full reflection

    The Gorgeous Katherine Gorge and Sweet Bitter Springs

      Katherine Gorge may have the movie star status on the “must -visit” list of the Northern territory,  but the pure beauty of Bitter Springs was our favourite.

  • A merrily munching Rainbow Lorikeet

    Birds of the Gibb River Road

    A metre tall with an iridescent head, or the size of a cotton ball, all scarlet and spots, there are so many extraordinary, beautiful birds along the Gibb River Road […]

  • Clouds reflecting in the top pool at Bell Gorge

    Travelling the Gibb River Road

    The Gibb River Road is one of the classic Australian outback routes. Along its 700km length are crocodile-infested waters, stunning swim holes and spectacular scenery. Come, travel the road with us.

  • The biggest and most beautiful fish on the planet

    Swimming with Whale Sharks

    If you could realise a birthday wish, what would it look like? Would it be 8 metres long, weigh 10 tonnes, be covered in spots and utterly beautiful? Mine was. […]

  • The Barking Owl as she comes out of her hollow tree nest just above our tent

    Beaches, Birds and Barking Owls

    We spent a week in Broome, drinking in the colours of the Indian ocean, admiring the view and marvelling at rather lovely birds. Oh and there were the barking owls. […]

  • Taking the morning air

    Tunnel Creek and Windjana Gorge(ous)

    Stunning scenery, billions of bats, cruising crocodiles, fantastic hikes and the chance to splash about in puddles in a dark tunnel! Every turn brings us more magic in outback Australia. […]