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  • Camel trains don't move over for anyone

    On the road to the Sahara

    Sweet almond oases, wind swept mountains, lute-playing paratroopers, Keith Richards lookalikes, a pyramid man and Billy The Kid Elliot – just some of the places and characters we have encountered. […]

  • On the way to the picnic

    The kindness of strangers

    “It’s weird, he keeps coming along and giving us food” – a Canadian backpacker we had met anxiously and suspiciously complained to us one day about the generosity of Moroccans. […]

  • The morning sun creeps over the hills and almond blossom

    Two go wild (camping) in Morocco

      Our own camp fire, a night or two under the stars wild camping and then throw in some modern art as well –   it was an irresistible combination! […]

  • Full Rainbow over the Atlas mountains

    Around and about near Agadir

      Our journey south brought us to Agadir and a few days rest in a Berber tent  at the Paradis Nomade campsite, a few kilometers north- east  of the city. […]

  • Our Berber tent

    A nomad’s life

    What does it mean to be a nomad? We have lived for months with no home,  so it seemed fitting to try a real nomad tent for a few days.. […]

  • The way they balance is incredible

    Flying goats and magic nuts

    “Goats up trees!”- the shout that brought Charlie Charleston to a rumbling stop on the mountain road, as a shaggy white billy hopped onto a branch in the valley below. […]