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  • Planning the next assault

    Chateaux Fantastiques

      Perched higher than the swallows flit, warnings abound that visiting the castles on the cliff tops in strong winds is very dangerous and during storms is strictly forbidden.   […]

  • Geoff & Charlie make it up the mountain

    “There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.”

    –  Jack Kerouac “On The Road”. Here’s a few pictures of Charlie, just rolling….  

  • Puppy Love - part three

    Frank Gehry, I could kiss you…

      … for creating one of the most fabulous buildings I have ever seen and had the urge to rub myself up against! The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao is perfection. […]

  • Come join the parade

    Discovering a new way of life

    Unless you count Catholic school, Rolling Stones concerts at Wembley Stadium and working for Greenpeace – I’ve never really engaged is serious cult activity…. until now… … .. ..   […]

  • Big Bull

    No Bull – We’re in Spain

    But the internet connections at the campsite is not great – so standby for a flurry of stories when I am able to post them!

  • Getting the best view in the house

    Ten-Up in a 2CV

    “You’re making the little car work very hard, don’t you think” an elderly man commented at the campsite the other day as we loaded Charlie to the gunnels as usual. […]