Sintra is deservedly a world heritage site, surrounded by world heritage sites, but never mind that – check out the size of the chimneys on that thing, they’re mammoth!


The Sintra National Palace is the best preserved example of a medieval palace in Portugal and at a time when the size of your kitchen chimney said a lot about a man… the Moorish rulers must have had it going on!

Built in the town below the Moorish Castle – which is now little more than just ruins perched on the hill above – the National Palace was built in the 10th century and later taken over by the Spanish king after forcing out the Moors in the 12th century. Many changes and additions were made to the building over the following centuries and changing kings and queens.

There are many other incredible buildings around the district of Sintra and we are dedicating the next four posts to this multiple world heritage area, for you to feast your eyes upon them.

Sintra is officially and understandably – a national and world treasure. Lord Byron declared it the most beautiful place he had ever seen. And who would be daft enough to argue with him.