• Dancing with the fire-starters in Spain

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  • You don't see many of those about, do you! Our first visitor

    More than just frog’s legs

      We were expecting to see frogs legs on the menu, but we weren’t expecting to see the whole thing happily squatting on the floor of Chubby, our tent.   […]

  • Vive la France ancienne

    Our own toilet and a fridge – what more could you want?

    We’ve been on the road for just over a week now, so here’s a little update  – how we beat Black Saturday, our first visitor and our own toilet!   […]

  • Meet Charlie Charleston

    Meet Charlie Charleston

    They’re called Ugly Duckling, Flying Dustbin, Umbrella on Wheels, Tin Snail or even Jernseng (which sounds funnier when you know it’s Norwegian for Iron Bed).We call ours Charlie Charleston, the 2CV. […]