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  • Lovett Bay ferry terminal after hours

    Sittin’ on the dock of Lovett Bay

    Kick back and relax with our video of life at Lovett Bay. And if that whets your appetite, there are even more delicious photos in the slideshow below!

  • Our view from the deck looking north up Lovett Bay

    Our home by the sea

    We have managed to find all kinds of great places to stay and live in our travels. This time we are awash with even more good luck than usual.   […]

  • Buddha bar

    A taste of Thailand

      It’s hard to top Geoff’s grand adventure in Northern Thailand, but here are some happy holiday snaps from around Bangkok and Koh Tao. คุณ ขอบคุณ (thank you) Thailand!     […]

  • Our next adventure begins

    Our next adventure begins

      A new year and two new continents beckon and vagabonding goes East! Tomorrow we fly to Thailand for six weeks and then to Australia for a few months.  There […]

  • Caves within caves

    To hell and back

    The myth of Hades and the afterlife was born in the ancient Diros caves. Bold explorers that we are, we dared the ferryman to row us across their still waters… […]

  • Looking out across the caldera

    Sensational Santorini!

      The volcano that wiped out an entire civilisation and spawned the legend of Atlantis, has, fortunately for us,  left behind the most beautiful curved island, fringing its sunken crater. […]