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  • Cheers to that!


    Forget that “cheap red wine with an old orange thrown in” drink that is unpleasant and sickly – here is the recipe for the best Sangria I have ever tasted….. […]

  • Puppy Love - part three

    Frank Gehry, I could kiss you…

      … for creating one of the most fabulous buildings I have ever seen and had the urge to rub myself up against! The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao is perfection. […]

  • Come join the parade

    Discovering a new way of life

    Unless you count Catholic school, Rolling Stones concerts at Wembley Stadium and working for Greenpeace – I’ve never really engaged is serious cult activity…. until now… … .. ..   […]

  • Big Bull

    No Bull – We’re in Spain

    But the internet connections at the campsite is not great – so standby for a flurry of stories when I am able to post them!