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  • Getting ready to ride

    From Morocco to Spain and back, via Fes

      When is Morocco not Morocco? About the same time that the Mediterranean isn’t the Mediterranean. Confused? Don’t worry, all will be revealed, but first – bring on the horses. […]

  • The small clouds dispersed for a clear picture of the halo moon and Jupiter to the left

    Our halo moon

    No one sees that same halo moon – the refraction and reflection of the ice crystals that form the ring display differently depending on where you are viewing it from, […]

  • The valley view from the back deck

    Our casita couldn’t be sweeter

    We are back in Spain again! We are staying in a little casita, or cottage, in the Sierra del Alhama region, with wonderful views of the hills across the valley. […]

  • The view into the gardens

    A tale of two cities

      What often happens when religion and architecture come together?  You can get the most stunning creations and at the same time, you can also get the worst possible behaviour.. […]

  • The pure-bred Andalusian horses are masters of the dance

    High sierras, heroic horses, hospital visits and finally a flamenco!

      Just a few moments in time that we wanted to capture from our drive across from Valencia – no story to tell with these, just some memories to keep. […]

  • One fish, two fish, three fish, four

    Strength, valour, sharks and rice

    We have been travelling for three months now and have seen many and varied things – old, new, weird and wonderful – and all of it has been great fun. […]