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  • Our trullo and Charlie Charleston

    Trading a tent for a trullo

      We’ve stayed in Cathar castles and Berber tents, nylon tents and wooden cabins – all recognisable structures. But in the south-eastern quarter of Italy we stayed in a trullo. […]

  • Scooter vs. car on the Amalfi coast road

    Flaming like a meteor we hit the coast..

     a road high, high above the blue sea, that hooked and corkscrewed on the edge of nothing. A road carefully designed to be a little narrower than two cars side by side. […]

  • Vesuvius

    A tale of two cities, swallowed up by a volcano

        We picnicked among the ruins of a city destroyed by a monstrous storm of fire and gases – the epitome of doing ordinary things in extraordinary places – […]

  • Fertilisers not bullets

    The art of politics in Sardinia

    Perhaps the highest concentration of political graffiti in Europe and formerly known as the Village of the Murderers – so how come we have never heard of Orgosolo until now? […]

  • Tree-lined avenue

    The roads from Rome

      Italy gave us a wonderful welcome when we arrived for the first time with our beautiful breakdown in March, and our second visit is giving just as much delight, […]

  • The amount of archealogical treasure in Rome is incredible

    When in Rome….

    ….. eat, drink, stroll. Stop and stare. Imagine and be awed by history and beauty.