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  • Boiling brakes, a forklift truck, a deux chevaux and a horse

    Boiling brakes, a forklift truck, a deux chevaux and a horse

    “Yeah, he doesn’t do very much,” boomed Bruno, the mountain sized mechanic, as he threw an accusing thumb over his shoulder in my direction.  It seemed a little bit harsh […]

  • Trailer Park Triumph

    Trailer Park Triumph

    Gleaming aluminum curves, disco balls, a blue Chevrolet Biscayne, a London bus, pink flamingoes, and a former clown – well, we are certainly going to fit right in here!   […]

  • Planning the next assault

    Chateaux Fantastiques

      Perched higher than the swallows flit, warnings abound that visiting the castles on the cliff tops in strong winds is very dangerous and during storms is strictly forbidden.   […]

  • Hard to believe this was once a mountain

    It’s the little things…

      that can make a big difference.  This was once a mountain, but drop by tiny drop, water has etched it into a natural and spectacular sandstone amphitheatre ….   […]

  • Eus looks lovely against the hillside and blue sky

    Lovely lizards and perfect pipes

      Eus is officially one of the prettiest villages in France. One of the things we particularly loved about it was their gloriously green- glazed and fish-faced terracotta drainpipes..   […]

  • Deux Chevre, Oh!

    No kidding, you won’t believe what’s in the car wash

      “I’m just going to swing in here and give Charlie a quick rinse” said Geoff, as we headed into Prades, the nearest largish town to do some shopping.   […]