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  • Us and our Piper Archer joyride

    Gypsy wagons, JCBs and joyrides

    We’ve abandoned Chubby, our trusted tent once more and moved into a gypsy wagon, hand-built in traditional style and parked up next to a donkey in an apple orchard.   […]

  • First impressions of Morocco

    First impressions of Morocco

      We have never been to Morocco – we had lots of ideas of what it might be like, had read many stories, but we didn’t expect what we got… […]

  • And then the sun shone

    Our home is our castle!

    “Just keep driving all the way up through the village and it’s the castle at the top”.  The castle?? I thought you said we were staying at your mum’s house! […]

  • Star trails

    Birthday treats

    After all my talk of having stars fall out of the sky for me on my birthday – we thought that we should prepare properly. So we packed beer, gin […]

  • The donkey killers and the fire starters

    The donkey killers and the fire starters

    “I don’t know why we do these things – there was probably a reason once, but no one remembers  anymore – it’s just how we do fiesta here in Catalonia.” […]