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  • Charlie

    Broken Charlie

    One minute we were laughing about our day in Pisa, the next moment a loud bang and lurch had Charlie’s back end virtually on the tarmac and us going nowhere. […]

  • The High Atlas sure is pretty!

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

    “There should be snow by the side of the road so it really feels like we have driven in the Atlas mountains” I said. Be careful what you wish for, Holden. […]

  • Gorgeous colours, shapes and angles in the Gorges du Dades

    The high road to Marrakech

      The road to Marrakech is worth a mention in its own right, for the sheer beauty, variety and breathtaking scale. It was a truly gorgeous and memorable mountain drive. […]

  • Kicking up the sand as we go

    The Sahara

    Our first attempt to drive amongst the dunes of the Sahara left us stuck like a turtle on a rock and rescued by camel feeders – but we were undaunted! […]

  • Camel trains don't move over for anyone

    On the road to the Sahara

    Sweet almond oases, wind swept mountains, lute-playing paratroopers, Keith Richards lookalikes, a pyramid man and Billy The Kid Elliot – just some of the places and characters we have encountered. […]

  • Boiling brakes, a forklift truck, a deux chevaux and a horse

    Boiling brakes, a forklift truck, a deux chevaux and a horse

    “Yeah, he doesn’t do very much,” boomed Bruno, the mountain sized mechanic, as he threw an accusing thumb over his shoulder in my direction.  It seemed a little bit harsh […]