We owe Greece our personal thanks for the inspiration it has given us for our journey; we all owe Greece a huge debt of gratitude for what it has given the world – the centuries of art, literature, language, sporting endeavour, science and education. Maybe we should remember that next time the subject of what Greece owes Europe comes up in conversation.

We went to Greece, because Geoff gave me a wonderful gift of a sailing course at the Aegean Sailing School, based in Aegina – an hour’s ferry ride from Athens and very much recommended by me as an excellent place to learn.

I then flew Geoff out to Aegina for the weekend after I had finished the course. While Aegina is just a tiny fraction of the nation’s lands and islands it was enough to set us thinking and setting a new course

Preaching at the Temple of AthenaTemple of AthenaSunset from Hotel Rastoni balconyAegina old town by dayComing into AeginaChurch on the quay Re-painting the ferry as it saildSunset comingPhoebe, our boat, moored for the nightThe Acropolis at nightSunset over the islandsSara on Phoebe