We travelled 6,000 kilometres around Australia – just a fraction of the world’s sixth largest country and possibly the only place you have to fight goannas for your breakfast…


Australia has nearly 30,000 native plants and animals (it’s not just about the kangeroos – but do watch out for the drop bears!), houses 22 million people, and never mind what the Dutch and English claim – REAL Australians have been living there for nearly 50,000 years. The land mass is so, well, massive, that it covers every climate – from temperate alpine regions to tropical forests and vast deserts in between.

We visited for a few short weeks at Christmas, but could only hope to get a little taster of this incredible island. Enjoy our postcards and send us some of your stories and images from Australia.

Kookaburra on a tree, Australia 
Koala in a tree at Cape Otway, AustraliaGeoff looking out to sea at  Apollo Bay, AustraliaSurf and seaweed at Apollo Bay, AustraliaDancing gull, Apollo Bay, AustraliaTwelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road, AustraliaApollo Bay, AustraliaPink rowing boat with cormorant, Apollo Bay, AustraliaPiled up lobster pots, Apollo Bay, AustraliaSurfers on the water at Bell's Beach, AustraliaBeach house on the water near Sorrento, AustraliaLarge male kangeroo, restinga pair of Sacred Ibis birdsA Sea Eagle perched on a treeOur tent at our first campground in the Snowy MountainsLong dirt road towards the hillsWhite Cockatoos balancing on a log on the Murrumbidgee RiverWhite Cockatoos upside down in a tree The Three Sisters rock formation, AustraliaBlack Swans in Centennial Park, SydneyPelican in Centennial Park, SydenyFerries scuttle past the Opera House in Sydney HarbourSydney Opera House at nightA row of pastel decks on the holiday homes at Hyams BeachOur tent at Mystery Bay - with Montague Island in the distanceMystery Bay beachThe trunk of a gum treeA black cockatoo Geoff walking along shipwreck creeka goanna climbing a tree stumpSara working in front of the tent at ShipWreck CreekA cute little echidna on the ground in TasmaniaA view across Tasmaniaa wombat wading in a pondA Pademelon reaches up into a tree for her breakfastSara at Cradle MountainA rock wallaby sitting on a rock!Gallahs in a treeGraffiti on a pair of Rainbow LorakeetsSuperb Blue Wren sitting in a ropePelicans flying Rosella eating out of a woman's hand