• Dancing with the fire-starters in Spain

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  • The beguiling Bungle Bungles

    The Bungle Bungles

    The Bungle Bungles are some of the most beautiful, striking natural formations in the world. Their weird and wonderful shapes are only outshone by their glowing colours and irresistible stripiness! […]

  • Road trains blot out the view as they pass

    The Tanami Track

    It’s a 1000km of dirt, corrugations, gold mines and road trains. The Tanami Track is also the fastest way from the Centre to the west. It took us three days. […]

  • Early days of the Air

    The World’s Biggest School & Largest Hospital

    Necessity is the mother of invention and when the nearest school or hospital can be days away by rough dirt track, extraordinary people get busy creating amazing ways to manage. […]

  • On the Finke desert track en route to Alice Springs

    The Dead Centre of the Red Centre

    There’s the so-called Red Centre of Australia – which includes Uluru. And then there’s the Dead Centre. We shot down the aptly-named Gun Barrel Highway to pay it a visit. […]

  • Monoliths, Mountains and Mighty Canyons.

    Monoliths, Mountains and Mighty Canyons.

    Uluru stands 350 metres above ground and sits up to six miles below. It is spectacular, but on this continent of extreme nature it is not alone in its grandeur, […]

  • The warning obelisk at Robe

    Blustery Days and the Kindness of Strangers

    You were totally crazy to travel in the summer heat, go in the winter – it’s much better. So they said, as we hit hail storms, gales and freezing temperatures. […]