We are back in Spain again! We are staying in a little casita, or cottage, in the Sierra del Alhama region, with wonderful views of the hills across the valley.

The closest town – Zafarraya – is about a kilometer away and we are about an hour west of Granada and north of Malaga.

From our deck we can watch the sheep trundle through the turnip fields which have been left to rot as their winter feed and the goats on the high hill munching on the trees and bushes. There is almost no noise at all, except the dull clang of the sheep and goat bells, which we discovered sounds eerily similar to the sound of ice clunking in a large G&T. We are now wondering what those goats are really up to in the dark.

Our landlords –Alan and Lynn – live close by, but you would not know it. Only the regular visits from their four dogs give away that we have neighbours at all.

This is just a quick post. A writing job (that pays!) is taking up blog writing time, so there will be a short delay in posting of stories of our final Portuguese adventures and the latest Spanish ones for a little while, so please be patient…. they are on their way. Meanwhile – here’s our room with a view.