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  • Looking out across the caldera

    Sensational Santorini!

      The volcano that wiped out an entire civilisation and spawned the legend of Atlantis, has, fortunately for us,  left behind the most beautiful curved island, fringing its sunken crater. […]

  • Naxos town as seen from the Portara

    The gateway to Naxos

      Naxos is famous for its Portara and its marble. We had a lovely time, but have no special story to tell. Here’s some sunny snaps just for your enjoyment. […]

  • Ministry of seriously hard walks

    Ministry of seriously hard walks

      If you saw just how difficult this is to do in real life, you would never snigger again. Especially when you discover those shoe pompoms are hiding a dagger! […]

  • Scooter vs. car on the Amalfi coast road

    Flaming like a meteor we hit the coast..

     a road high, high above the blue sea, that hooked and corkscrewed on the edge of nothing. A road carefully designed to be a little narrower than two cars side by side. […]

  • Fertilisers not bullets

    The art of politics in Sardinia

    Perhaps the highest concentration of political graffiti in Europe and formerly known as the Village of the Murderers – so how come we have never heard of Orgosolo until now? […]

  • The amount of archealogical treasure in Rome is incredible

    When in Rome….

    ….. eat, drink, stroll. Stop and stare. Imagine and be awed by history and beauty.