Longer feature stories or articles about places or events

  • Trailer Park Triumph

    Trailer Park Triumph

    Gleaming aluminum curves, disco balls, a blue Chevrolet Biscayne, a London bus, pink flamingoes, and a former clown – well, we are certainly going to fit right in here!   […]

  • Planning the next assault

    Chateaux Fantastiques

      Perched higher than the swallows flit, warnings abound that visiting the castles on the cliff tops in strong winds is very dangerous and during storms is strictly forbidden.   […]

  • And then the sun shone

    Our home is our castle!

    “Just keep driving all the way up through the village and it’s the castle at the top”.  The castle?? I thought you said we were staying at your mum’s house! […]

  • The donkey killers and the fire starters

    The donkey killers and the fire starters

    “I don’t know why we do these things – there was probably a reason once, but no one remembers  anymore – it’s just how we do fiesta here in Catalonia.” […]

  • Come join the parade

    Discovering a new way of life

    Unless you count Catholic school, Rolling Stones concerts at Wembley Stadium and working for Greenpeace – I’ve never really engaged is serious cult activity…. until now… … .. ..   […]

  • Vive la France ancienne

    Our own toilet and a fridge – what more could you want?

    We’ve been on the road for just over a week now, so here’s a little update  – how we beat Black Saturday, our first visitor and our own toilet!   […]