Longer feature stories or articles about places or events

  • One of the two Lake Eildon cockatoos

    Snowy mountains, serenity, cockatoos and kangaroos, of course!

        “What are you doing today Mort?” “Nothing,” he told her… “You did that yesterday,” Wendy pointed out. “Yeah I know, but I haven’t finished yet,” Mort insisted.   […]

  • Myanmar in the distance

    Fast but not furious in Northern Thailand

    I’ve just returned to Bangkok after 4 days riding around Northern Thailand. What a blast! If you enjoy hassle free motorcycle riding on great roads, then this is one for you. […]

  • We are all Charlie! On the Millau Bridge, France

    Charlie’s great adventure

    Charlie Charleston’s safely back in the UK, after covering more countries in 10 days than we managed in 18 months! Here’s his whirlwind story, as told by Sara’s brother, Kevin. […]

  • Athens University

    Athens from a different angle

      It’s that time of year, when families and friends gather around for feasting. So we thought we would introduce you to some of the delicious foodie delights of Greece. […]

  • The rain in Greece falls mainly on Koyan!

    The olive pickers of Kalamata

      Kalamata olives and oil are famous the world over and for good reason. We spent a weekend of sunshine and showers helping create some glorious greeny gold stuff.   […]

  • Vesuvius

    A tale of two cities, swallowed up by a volcano

        We picnicked among the ruins of a city destroyed by a monstrous storm of fire and gases – the epitome of doing ordinary things in extraordinary places – […]