Short blog stories

  • Cheers to that!


    Forget that “cheap red wine with an old orange thrown in” drink that is unpleasant and sickly – here is the recipe for the best Sangria I have ever tasted….. […]

  • Big Bull

    No Bull – We’re in Spain

    But the internet connections at the campsite is not great – so standby for a flurry of stories when I am able to post them!

  • Getting the best view in the house

    Ten-Up in a 2CV

    “You’re making the little car work very hard, don’t you think” an elderly man commented at the campsite the other day as we loaded Charlie to the gunnels as usual. […]

  • Between sand and forest

    Time passes as grains of sand through an hourglass

    And so the days of our lives go pretty slowly trying to get to the top the largest sand dune in Europe – Dune de Pilat in the Bassin Bordeaux. […]

  • Grand indeed

    Coffee, Castles and Crusades

    As we have meandered through the back lanes of France we have often criss-crossed the route of a rather less benign journey – la route de Richard, Coeur du Lion […]

  • You don't see many of those about, do you! Our first visitor

    More than just frog’s legs

      We were expecting to see frogs legs on the menu, but we weren’t expecting to see the whole thing happily squatting on the floor of Chubby, our tent.   […]