Stories specifically relating to Charlie Charleston or other 2CVs

  • We are all Charlie! On the Millau Bridge, France

    Charlie’s great adventure

    Charlie Charleston’s safely back in the UK, after covering more countries in 10 days than we managed in 18 months! Here’s his whirlwind story, as told by Sara’s brother, Kevin. […]

  • Our next adventure begins

    Our next adventure begins

      A new year and two new continents beckon and vagabonding goes East! Tomorrow we fly to Thailand for six weeks and then to Australia for a few months.  There […]

  • Scooter vs. car on the Amalfi coast road

    Flaming like a meteor we hit the coast..

     a road high, high above the blue sea, that hooked and corkscrewed on the edge of nothing. A road carefully designed to be a little narrower than two cars side by side. […]

  • The sun sets, but the race goes on

    Faster than a hurricane

    A twenty-four hour 2CV race, the chance to drive the track in Charlie Charleston, oh, and a hurricane for good measure. Yes, it was all as daft as it sounds. […]


    A quart into a pint pot

    Houdini and a coffin – phah. The TARDIS, yeah, yeah. Geoff Nimmo, our gear for a year and a 2CV – now THAT is a magic trick worth seeing. Read […]

  • Charlie

    Broken Charlie

    One minute we were laughing about our day in Pisa, the next moment a loud bang and lurch had Charlie’s back end virtually on the tarmac and us going nowhere. […]