We spent a week in Broome, drinking in the colours of the Indian ocean, admiring the view and marvelling at rather lovely birds. Oh and there were the barking owls. They were nesting right next to our tent…. gotta love them owls!

Broome is the perfect place to relax between outback trips. Clear, clean seas, bright sunshine, white sandy beaches and lots of lovely chirpy birds – as well as the barking ones!

Before we got to Broome we stopped by in Derby, which has the third highest tidal rise in the world – at over 11metres and a very large Boab tree that used to be a prison!

We also managed to be in Broome at full moon, to witness the so-called Staircase to the Moon phenomenon. Not to appear cynical, but it’s just the moon reflected on the water with very good marketing. Sadly on our day, the marketing was more powerful than the reflection and we got more of a pantry step than a staircase!

It’s hard not to take nice pictures around here as everything is so photogenic, and the birdlife was very obliging so we hope Broome brings a little sunshine into your lives as it has for us.

PS. Barking Owls really sound like they are barking. Of course ours wouldn’t bark when I tried to record him, so here’s a youtube video to give you an idea.